Thursday, July 7, 2016

Castism – The dark face of society

When we unfold the pages of History a dark face emerges. Casteism was the dark face of our country during the centuries when we practiced inequality among the masses on the basis of caste and creed. The upper caste and lower caste concept was so strong that even the un-touchability was prevalent between the two groups of the society. We can not imagine victimization and exploitation of lower caste by so called upper caste people. The lower caste people were not allowed to take water from the well, which was being used by upper caste. They were not allowed to access to the temple and their only work was to serve the upper caste without remuneration.

The golden face of our country was shining all over the world as much as that these dark spots were hardly noticed. The poor lower caste people could not raise their voice and continued to get exploited. We feel like weeping to read these dirty pages of the history. In today’s world we can not imagine that this was the condition of the people of our country. I personally fail to understand as to why this all was allowed since at the time of birth the cry of a child is the same and there is no caste or creed given by the GOD. We should be known by our qualities, human behaviour and culture of course the difference on account of religion was quite common and is still prevalent and known to the people. Our country was divided solely on account of the religion but from where the question of discrimination on the basis of caste that too upper and lower was made and by whom? why we should believe in racism?

Our country had number of saints who tried to highlight this problem and opposed it but somehow there is no concrete evidence that they succeeded in their efforts for eliminating this cause.

Now came the face when country got the independence. What is the backbone of the country; undoubtedly it is the constitution which is the base. It is the constitution which gives the fundamental rights to the citizen of the country. We were fortunate to have Bharat Ranta Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the man who is known as the father of the constitution. He proved by way of his exemplary qualifications, intelligence and intellectualness that there could not be any other person to head the constitution committee except him. He was chosen for being the only person in the country who could do justice in formulating and making the constitution of the largest democracy in the world.

The problems of exploitation and victimization of lower caste by the upper caste people were very much in the mind of Constitution Makers And make embodied the articles and clauses embodied in the constitution which gave the right to the citizen for having equality. The constitution gave the voice to the people to say that all citizen in the country are equal in all respect. There is no scope for allowing discrimination of lower caste. If today our country could have President from the lower caste. It was only because of right of equality granted to all citizens.

Today we are seeing the Bureaucrats, Politicians, Ambassadors, Industrialist and even the Big Writers, Poets, Singers belonging to lower caste, it is all because of freedom they got to prove their worth otherwise for centuries and centuries, people were not allowed to exploit their talents to show as to what they are the constitution came into practices an instrument to eliminate caste differences and today we are seeing the stringent law safeguarding the interest of down-trodden lower caste people. Number of Commissions, Corporations and Association are there to ensure it.

I wish that we all should unite and become one and a day should come when there should not be any identification of persons as SC, ST and Others. We should be known for what we are by virtue of our qualities and deeds. When the debate goes on uniform civil code I feel now the time has come to have casteless society.

If we serve the humanity, if we help the poor and needy, if we spend a little amount of our salary every month for the cause of poor people, I think that will be the real respect to our constitution. We may belong to any religion but the tools and ways of worship are the same.

Lastly I will only say "Chalo Kyuna Aaj Kisi Rotey Huey Bachey Ko Hansaya Jayae".

                                               Brief profile of Prof. (Dr.) Dewakar Goel
Prof. (Dr.) Dewakar Goel is a Science & Law Graduate with Masters in Business Administration.  Having specialized in Labour Laws from Indian Law Institute, he did his Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations and also in Training & Development from ISTD.  A Ph.D. in Management under guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Sadhan Das Gupta, Calcutta University. He acquired INDIA -ICAO Fellowship in the year 2010. 

In the beginning of the career, he practiced as Advocate at Delhi High Court.    Dr. Goel has authored 12 books which includes books on Management and Law published by eminent publishers. His books have been translated into Bangla, Tamil, Urdu and other languages.

Having served in the private sector for over seven years as a hard core HR Professional dealing with Personnel & Administration.  He topped in the merit list for selection at managerial position in the government sector and stepped up in the   ladder of hierarchy while serving in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai. He rose to the level of HR head during last one decade in the most prestigious schedule “A” PSE.

            Dr. Goel is Doctoral Research Supervisor in Business Management, Banasthali
University and also Advisory Board Member, Centre for Financial Planning Training
& Research for Women, Banasthali University, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
American University of India, Kodaikanal and Pondicherry University. He is also
Research examiner for Indian institute of public administration and other reputed universities.
Adding feathers to his cap, he is HR Consultant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, Canada and Human Performance Technologist of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Geneva, Switzerland.  He is a Visiting Faculty and Advisor of highly regarded Management Institutes in India and abroad.  He has addressed large number of National & International Conferences as Chairperson and Key Note Speaker.  

As multi-faceted personality, he has been profiled by print & media in newspapers and TV channels for his poems, stories, articles and research papers are published in national & international journals.

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