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The motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, desires, needs, wishes and similar forces. Managers motivate their subordinates by doing those things which they hope will satisfy their drives, desires and induce them to act in a desired manner. It refers to drive towards an outcome and effort to satisfy a want or goal finally it results in satisfaction. We must understand that Needs give rise to Wants, which causes Tensions, giving rise to → Actions, which results in→ Satisfaction.

Satisfaction refers to the contentment experienced when a want is satisfied. It is the outcome already experienced. Carrot & Stick theory is relevant to be applied depending upon situation. People will be motivated to do things to reach a goal if they believe in the worth of that goal. Human resource is the most valuable asset of any business. It is more valuable than capital or equipment. Unfortunately it is also the most wasted thing. People can be the biggest asset and biggest liability too. Total Quality People commonly known as TQP means the People possessing good character, integrity, values with  positive attitude.

Attitude Makes the Difference

            Basically the thing inside us is our attitude that makes us to go up. The attitude is the foundation of success regardless of chosen field. When the attitude is such a critical factor in success, then it must be examined as to how it affects  the goals? The attitude is the way of regarding which can be considered as permanent disposition and also the reaction to person. Our attitude determines how we look at a setback. It can be a stepping stone to success for a positive thinker whereas for a negative thinker it can be a stumbling block. Primarily Environment, Experience and Education are the factors that determine our attitude. In a positive environment, the output of a marginal performer goes up. On the other hand in a negative environment the output of a good performer goes down. Our behavior changes according to our experience with the people and events in our life. If we have a positive experience with a person our attitude towards him becomes positive and vice-versa. Formal and informal education are not just academic qualifications but education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live.   

Everything that is done in the world is done in hope

Force is the strength of a person’s motivation whereas valence gives the meaning to strength of a person’s performance for an outcome. When we talk about expectancy it comes in the form of probability that a particular action will lead to desired outcome. The amount of efforts i.e. strength of motivation and energy exerted depends on the value of reward plus amount of force which is required to get expected results.

If people know that they can do the job or if they have done it they will have better appreciation of the efforts required and will know better about probability of reward. The outcome by a person and inputs by a person is equal to outcome by another person and input by another person therefore there should be a balance of outcome and input relationships for one person in comparison with that of another person. Motivational Techniques involve Money, Participation and Quality of working life. There is always a correlation between power, affiliation and achievement.
We should offer to organization the Knowledge, Education, Training, Skills, Experience, Loyalty, Attitude, Commitment, Creativity, Time, Integrity and Enthusiasm. On the other hand the organization also require to offer Salary, Benefits, Loyalty, Commitment, Education, Performance, Advancement, Stability, Praise, Recognition for good work, Meaningful work, Good reputation, Flexitime and Child care. In addition there should also be the opportunity for active involvement and participation in the decision making process.

Plan of Action is Necessary

Inspite of motivation and positive attitude there may be certain failures in achieving results unless an action plan if formulated. Before making an action plan, we need to answer the questions as to What we want to achieve? How we expect to achieve? And How we plan to achieve? People fail to act on action plan inspite of ability and intelligence because they  lack Desire, Direction, Dedication and Discipline for achieving the objectives. 
Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister said that his idea of an agreeable person is someone who agrees with him. According to Gandhiji even God can not talk to a hungry man except in terms of bread.

The self motivation speaks for:

     Setting a goal for yourself.
     Long-term objective i.e. short-term goal and specific action.
     To get something done is to begin.
     Learn a challenging new task every year.
     Develop one of weaknesses into strength.
     Learning to become a Manager does not stop with M.B.A.
     Make your job different one.
     Set improvement objectives for your position.
     Imagination to increase your own productivity.
     Develop an area of expertise build on your strength.
     Give feedback and reward to yourself.
     Have special dinner with family to celebrate your accomplishments.


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