Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kiss ..... From Love to Danger


Kiss is a common phenomenon of human behaviour as a way of expressing love with passion. Off course in our country it is a hotly debated topic especially when it is taken a first step towards sexual enjoyment by the teenagers. Kiss when it is on the forehead is taken blessings from elders when it is given on the hand it is a mark of respect and when on cheek it is a form of affection shown. But when we talk about the kiss on lips it is taken as a deep passion giving meaning of the love with brain and body.

Recently, the US President Bill Clinton came in news when his personal life was exposed and the kiss was one of the debated component and thereafter George Bush, US President elect during his election campaign exhibited the act of kissing his wife passionately in public making it open that it’s not a sin when accepted by the social norms.
Dr. Hobert of West Germany preferred this concept for doing research on it he observed this phenomena at length and conducted many experiments the outcome of his research came with some fascinating and starling results Dr. Hobert explained as to what happens in kissing, as the lips of two persons of opposite sex touch, the first and foremost reaction is in the brain. The sensation and nerves of the tongue act as an active reporter of kiss and convey it through the third branch of the fifth nerve to the brain. The brain transmits it to the spinal cord on to the nervous system throughout the body. It spreads with the speed of electricity. As this sensation is being conveyed other communication through the nerves are blocked when the pelvic nerves get the news the secretion of adrenal in the pancreas increases leading to the simulation of the sex glands.

The kissing process has a direct effect on the heart as the adrenaline hormone enters the blood stream causing an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure and the result is that the whole body is shaken and the heart rate may be as high as one hundred and fifty beats per minute against the normal of around seventy. In order to keep the harmony with the heart the lungs activity also increases and the respiratory rate goes upon sixty per minute against normal of twenty five per minute at this stage the persons start panting and feel exhausted and finally as a result of this activity the blood pressure of the persons in action rises to 180 against the normal of 120.

The above research work done by Dr. Hobert was further enhanced by Prof.Clayesorce and Prof. Climbeez who took ECG of the concerned persons in such conditions and as per their findings they maintained that the fat on heart muscles starts dissolving and it is because of this that some Physicians advise heart patients to go in for kissing spree while other doctors refrain from giving such advises and call this act as dangerous for the heart patients.

It has also been observed in some cases that when the lips strike there is an exchange of millions of micro organisms and according to Dr. Hobert syphilis, diphtheria, leprosy, tuberculosis, jaundice and small pox etc. can be caused if one of the two persons involved in the process of kissing is suffering from it. During last few years’ lot of research work has been done to find out the causes of spreading HIV resulting in the incurable disease of AIDS. In most of the cases the experiments ruled out kissing as a cause of transmitting HIV because the blood contact is necessary for it. But in some cases it has been observed that there may be some internal micro-injuries in the mouth cavity and since there is a lot of exchange of saliva in the process of kissing the remote chances of transmission of HIV are there in case a person is suffering from it.

Sometime back there was an epidemic of flu throughout the world and health authorities publicly requested the people to refrain from the act of kissing from some time because there was every likelihood that it may spread in  the vide range of society. A very interesting revelation came out of the research on kissing when it was discovered that it can lead to lengthening of the back bone. Some researchers gave the shock by emphasizing with authenticity that a single kiss can diminish the life span by about thirty seconds.

Now the alarming threat is for the young people in the age group of 17 to 25 years because the researchers say that kissing can also result in kiss disease called Mononucleosis the reasons for these findings are not known may be it is based on surveys. In today’s world there is commercialisation of every thing and kissing has also not been left which is evident from various unusual kissing competitions especially in London where it has been organised for the students of Boolwitch Polytechnic School. Number of student boys and girls participated in kissing competition. For example, David and his girl friend Jenny set a record of continuously kissing for one hour and thirty five minutes. However, this record was soon broken in Munich when a couple kissed continuously for one hour and forty five minutes.

The kissing competitions became so famous that after London and Germany the students of Texas College in USA set a record of kissing continuously for nine hours and twelve minutes. It’s not the end the students of Eastern College of Washington   broke this record by kissing at a stretch of twelve hours. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the  score of kissing by a couple continuously for nineteen hours and twelve minutes but after recognition of this event by the Guinness Book a number of kissing competitions were organised world over lastly the Super Push Corporation, Israel, a branch of the international consumer products company, Colgate-Palmolive, New York, USA, organized a kissing competition in Tel Aviv’s main square, Rabin Square, to see which couple could kiss for the longest time. The previous record, set in New York in 1998, stood at 29 hours. 

On 5th April, 1999 the Israeli Couple Dror Orpaz and Karmit Tzubera managed to keep kising (while standing up) for a record 30 hours 45 minutes without stopping for any rest breaks of any kind – not even to sit down. They started the competition with 106 other couples but were the only ones remaining for the last 12 hours of their marathon session. Once they had completed their embrace they were both taken to hospital and treated for exhaustion.  Can you imagine the physical stress and strain suffered by them especially when the mind was not giving any reason for this stress?

Still the craze has not gone and there are occasions of protest with a kiss. Recently, couples participated in a kissing event “mmmm… banks of ideas” in Madrid on 19th June, 2002. This even in which some 100 couples participated was aimed at raising tolerance towards a display of emotions on the streets of Spain, one of the most advanced Catholic countries in Western Europe.  The couples were asked to walk for two hours, stop at certain points and kiss for ten minutes. There was no physical stress in this but since it was a competition mental stress was there with a lot of tension of being successful. Walking for two hours is also not a joke. You may have some sustainable physical stress but the real worry is about the ten minutes continuous kiss because you cannot enjoy kissing for ten minutes continuously, especially when it is going to be with the same partner.

Well year after year world over events are being organized to beat the old  records and for  that  matter different parameters are selected by the organizers in the year 2006 in Hungary a group of 5875  couples passionately kissed by locking lips for  ten seconds now the efforts  were  made  to  break  this  record  too. The success came quite easily when in 2007 the kissing competition was organized with great extravaganza, balloons fanfare in a hall at manila where six thousands Philippines couples assembled and kissed for ten seconds continuously. Let us see how these records will progress in coming years.
Well we are fortunate that our country is not in this race. Since, it is considered to be a criminal offence under our law to have such acts in public. I am sure that my young friends in their teens will keep the above biological facts in their mind while expressing their passion of love by means of kissing. 


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